A Present pitcher beside a large decorated pitcher. ai6.
Medium sized presentation pitcher with incised line decoration and the initials F.D.H. ai8.
Five gallon tulip decorated churn. ai3.
Large Decker pitcher. ai33.
Small tulip and dot decorated pitcher. ai5.
Three gallon decorated jar. ai30.
A Present pitcher and jug with dot and line decoration. ai2.


A number of the Decker family: Bill, Harry, Lutora, Bella, Blaine, the late Sarah Rhea Decker (books and records), Irene Miller, David Miller and Dorothy Hamill.

Dr. James Kelly and Museum (Tennessee State Museum) – making collection available for continuing study.

James Polhemus and Richard Polhemus – recovery of Decker’s wheel and other items from the pottery buildings, search of valley cemeteries for markers, locating and collecting from Virginia site.

Marg (Margaret, Beverly’s wife) searching cemeteries and patience during the photography and writing phases.

The late Richard Myers for aid in checking valley cemeteries for pottery grave markers.

Mrs. Virginia Calden, Strasburg, Virginia

Dr. H. E. Comstock, Winchester, Virginia

Acknowledgements. Burbage45.

Acknowledgements. Burbage45.

Editor’s note: The above text is judged to be an accurate rendering of Beverly’s notes found under the heading Acknowledgements. It is firmly believed that had he prepared a final draft he would have included the late Paul Fink, Washington County Historian.

Inkstand detail 3. ai40a.
Inkstand detail 4. ai40e.
Inkstand detail 5. ai40g.

Charles, Jr., Shep, William (Uncle Billy) and possibly William Duncan c 1895. Burbage4c

Charles, Jr., Shep, William (Uncle Billy) and possibly William Duncan c 1895. Burbage4c

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